Whether your family is growing, your lifestyle is changing, or perhaps the style of your current abode just isn’t working for you anymore – deciding between renovating and building a brand-new home can be a hard decision, so we’ve mapped out some things to consider when making this major lifestyle choice.

There are positives for both options – so if your home has historical charm that you just can’t see yourself parting with, then taking on a reno may be the way to go. But if you want to start from scratch – then there are plenty of reasons why could be better off in the long run.

Energy Efficiency
Building your new home allows for more control over еnеrgy consumption.
Building materials, floor plans and utility systems are all built with energy efficiency in mind, thus reducing your еnеrgy costs in the long run.

Modern Technology
Older homes always lack modern technological features. Building from the ground up integrates futuristic construction technologies and gives you the change to really spec up your humble abode!

Design Options
Chances are if you’re thinking of building or renovating – you want to create something that is aesthetically pleasing and suits your individual style. Building from scratch gives you the freedom of designing your home, your way. With flexibility that’s often squashed from renovating an established structure.

Less Maintenance
And who doesn’t love the sounds of that?! The new materials used with a new build along with construction warranties means your new home will require less maintenance down the line.

Efficient Layout
It’s much еasiеr to design your home with a specific purpose in mind than to convert an old one that was intended for a different home owner (even if that person was you a few years ago). Depending on how drastic the changes are, a reno could end up costing you much more than a new build – to achieve a less than desired result. So, chances are starting from scratch will give you 10x more flexibility and could cost you less at the same time!

Cost Effective
Why spend money on a decaying unit when you can get a fresh alternative for the same price, or less?

No Surprises:
Unlike a reno where you often won’t know what you’ll be paying until it’s complete, when building brand new you know what you’re up for before you start the build. No stress about going in blind and blowing the budget midway through the project!

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