If you are a lover of elegance and timeless beauty, then creating the Hamptons style in your new home is a must. Fortunately for you, we are well know for our Hamptons style homes and are here to impart our knowledge. 

The Hamptons style showcases a fusion of elegant and sophisticated design, with a touch of coastal warmth and luxury. This style of interior decoration originates from the Hamptons, some of the most expensive upmarket seaside areas on Long Island, New York. This style has been widely accepted in several countries around the world as it endows homes with world class elegance and timeless beauty. It has quickly becoming one of the most “on-trend” home styles throughout Australia.

This classic style encompasses furniture pieces that are ageless in their traditional styles and quality, stylish fabrics and textures, and accessories. They reflect French, English and even country fashion styles, all summed up into a formally relaxed coastal setup. The Hamptons style brings to life that lovely coastal look that is ideal for relaxation. So, if a classy and calm interior, with a luxurious feel is what you’re in search of, then you’ve found your style.

Bridgehampton Display Home Lounge with a Classy and Calm Interior

Lounge with a Classy and Calm Interior

How to create the Hamptons style in your new Kookaburra Home:

Stick to a classic colour scheme

When it comes to creating that Hamptons style, it’s all about the colour. A classic colour scheme of white hues with splashes of blue and green hues throughout to add pops of colour is an easy rule to follow. Style with chrome, classy golds or brass decor. To avoid too much plain white space, layer with different textures and materials throughout. Think cladded walls, cabinetry and floor to ceiling tiles, marble and linens.

A touch of nature

The original idea of the Hamptons is a natural environment with a blue sky, ocean view or an expanse of green vegetation. Take that idea to your home by adding a touch of nature with greenery throughout each space. Pot plants, succulents and artwork featuring greenery or beach scenes will work a treat to create that coastal style, no matter where you’re living. This will freshen up your predominantly white space too.

Timber flooring and timber accents play to the nature style. Think timber legs on your couch or chairs, raw timber photo frames, chopping boards and other styling pieces.

Bridgehampton Display Home Kitchen Style and Styling Pieces

Kitchen Style and Styling Pieces

Keep it simple

Simplicity does it when it comes to this timeless style. There is no need to overload or overkill your home with designs. Simple touches of quality furniture, beautifully timeless fabrics and gorgeous accessories will do the trick. A feature cladded wall and neutral cabinetry with a feature profile get our votes as some must haves. 

Bridgehampton Display Home Master Bedroom with Large Mirror and Lots of Natural Lighting

Master Bedroom with Large Mirror and lots of Natural Lighting

Light filled rooms are so underrated, yet they are so easy achieve through large windows and skylights and scream Hamptons style. The results enhance the soft and neutral palette of the finishes and allow you to enjoy the natural beauty of your surroundings. Mirrors are a great addition to your entrance and hallways to play on the lighting streams. As are feature pendants and chandeliers to light up the different spaces as night.

Beautify using unique decor and architectural beauty

This luxurious style calls for unique pieces throughout – so be creative. Ceramics, gold glassware and one off, mix-matched photo frames and nautical pieces are perfect here. Have fun with decorating each space in its own unique way.

Use the architectural beauty of the home to be unique through your choices for skirting, cornice, architraves and timber moulding details on cabinetry. Patterned, mosaic and subway tiles are all great choices for your bathrooms and laundry. Or use a combination to keep each space slightly different.

To discover more about how to create the Hamptons Style in your new Kookaburra Home, get in touch with us today. Better yet, visit our Bridgehampton Display Home in Mount Barker and see the Hamptons style for yourself in person.

Last updated 17 April 2024 at 3:41pm

By Amy Rosendale

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