The butler’s pantry is definitely a modern-day must-have! Not only do they serve as a great space to hide away big appliances and any mess from the main kitchen, they are also the perfect space to manage the preparation of meals and double up on that all-important storage we all seek when building our forever homes. So what to include in a butler’s pantry? Here are some tips and tricks to designing a space that keeps your main kitchen looking on point all day long.

Positioning is key!

When it comes to a functional butler’s pantry, its positioning is key! You want there to be flow between the kitchen and the butler’s pantry, rather than a space that feels disconnected. Positioning your butler’s pantry so it is an extension of the kitchen will allow it to act as another workspace and storage option, rather than be an extra kitchen. Adding a sliding or hinged door is a great way to separate the two when needed.

It’s not unusual to find two sinks in a modern kitchen

Once deciding on the purpose of your butler’s pantry, adding an additional sink and an area for your small and large appliances, such as your microwave and dishwasher, can be a great way to reduce clutter and hide away the mess from the main kitchen.

Making the most of your butler’s pantry

Storage is key to making a butler’s pantry both functional and effective. A combination of drawers for kitchen items, cupboards to store taller items away, and open shelving for food items and items you wish to display, are the basic starting points in creating a space that will suit your family’s needs.

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