Designing a kitchen can be a complicated task for customers who are new to home building. Not only do we want our kitchens to look good, but we want them to be functional and finding a balance between the two can be a real brain teaser. Here are some tips and tricks on how to make the most of your space in order to design a kitchen that will not only be a place you’ll want to cook in but a place you’ll want to entertain friends and family in.

Consider Layer Lighting 

When designing the lighting combination for your kitchen, consider layer lighting. Combine ambient, task and accent lighting to create a dynamic and cohesive space.

Create a Balance of Form and Function

Maximise your kitchen storage with a combination of wide draws for pots and pans, overhead cabinets for bowls, plates and glassware and thin draws for utensils. A walk-in pantry and butlers pantry are also the perfect inclusion to a kitchen, to maximise storage and reduce clutter.


When Choosing Colours, Consider Your Space.

While light cabinets such as whites and greys are perfect for small spaces as they can open up a kitchen, dark cabinets can make a large kitchen look cosy and elegant. Neutral colours are also a perfect choice as they are a timeless option and can easily be paired with a pop of colour.

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