Tiles are the perfect inclusion to many areas of your home as they give you almost limitless choices when it comes to designing your dream home. Whether you are wanting to make a statement in a room with floor to ceiling tiling or highlight a specific feature, say a kitchen splashback, the way tiles are laid can create a variety of beautiful looks. Here are just some of the ways to lay your tiles whether that be in your bathroom, kitchen or laundry, and are all styles we used in both our Display Homes and in our customer’s homes.

Traditional Stack 

This simple tile pattern is perfect for both rectangular and square tiles. Whether layered side by side in straight, verticle or horizontal lines, it is a classic and elegant choice that is perfect for any room.


As the name suggests, tiles are laid out in a brick pattern with each tile offsetting half a tile length from the row on either side of it. Perfect for both square and rectangular tiles, brick layering is a traditional way of laying subways tiles either horizontally, vertically or diagonally to create a cohesive and staggered look.


As one of the most eye-catching tile patterns, Herringbone, is perfect for drawing the eye through a space. Placing big or small tiles in a zig-zag pattern creates the perfect timeless look. Double Herringbone is another beautiful way to lay tiles. By doubling up two tiles side by side and laying them on a 45-degree angle, you can create more depth within the space and a more overall stylistic room – as seen in our Bridgehampton Display Home.

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